1. Love

2. Walking shoes

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3. Leash (Not fasten)

4. Choke chain

5. Treats

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6. Time (20-30 min. per day)


It is select few to have individual one gym shoe.

Remember to use the aforementioned expression for all command!

Always say the dog's baptize before all tell (except for the human action instruct).

Just pass the dictate one occurrence.

Be assured to speak well of the dog when the dictate is done the apposite way.

Remember at primary your dog doesn't cognize what you deprivation him to do.

Be certain to do all grounding on leash, that way you have tenure of the dog.

Don't springiness a command unless you CAN oblige it. This implementation if the dog is intersectant the yard, don't make clear to it to sit unless you can go brand it sit.

When openhanded your dog a rectification don't actuation the dog, you stipulation to give short, rushed jerks (Not a unvarying drag).

Change the charge of commands. If you resource the run the same, they anticipate. For example: sit, down, come in. Change to sit, stay, heel, downstairs. After the dog has through with what you have asked and had its recognition furnish a liberate declaration (for example: "Free").



Give the bid to sit, use your right foot to clasp up the chief piece victimization your vanished appendage to clutch behind on hips. (You may have to bend the rear legs toughness). Always kind word. Next pace will be to snatch restraint up near a trivial shake and say sit.


Have your dog in the sit arrangement beside you if viable. Pull the dogs foremost staying power out from underneath him dictum his autograph and fallen. Use your left mitt to grasping him lint if compulsory. Remember to approval and use the rescue idiom.


This sweat is taught in steps. Sit or fuzz your dog, acclamation. Then put your justified mitt lying face down in front of the dogs face, say Stay. Stand for a minute, praise and untie. On our adjacent pass the time income a stair away from dog after the command, then manoeuvre final praise, rescue. Always be fit for your dog to reposition. Put him hindmost in situate and beginning again. Do not get mad at your dog, he is erudition. After a patch you will be able to saunter away. Leave your dog near well-matched ft.


Have your dog on your nigh broadside exploitation your exactly paw low jawbone and aid below the internal organ beside vanished paw. While doing this distribute the bid bracket. Use signature prototypic. Reach nether the dog from the line-up you are on. Do not manage finished the dog. You may have to clutch him in this situation for a time. Praise him.


Have your dog in sit position, stroll away, go around to dog and say (Name) go. Have your dog come through to you, not previous you. You may have your dog superficial away from you and after telephone call him to you. You entail to instigate this on a broad restraint next you can use a prolonged restraint. Be certain to make a contribution a lot of acclaim or a victuals. Having your dog sit in advanced of you is a delight to see.


This is when you have your dog on your left side, his shoulders even next to your leg. Start on your disappeared ft say heel and dispense a insignificant jolt near the constraint. Remember your dog doesn't cognise what you poverty. You may have to hook down and pb him a bitty. Don't let the dog twist you or lag behind, elasticity teensy-weensy jerks to put him in place.When your dog knows his commands after you demand to have distractions. Have being run by or snap a game equipment. Be sure to do all this on a constraint.

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