"We all are one, we are the self human being..." wrote Bob Marley, world-renowned popular music songster. But that was nigh 30 years ago, and what exactly has changed? What happened to that profound phone call of on two legs in pulling together and recognizing that we're all quality beings near similar needs, feelings, and aspirations?

Very few would fall out that all of humankind is connected, and what is happening to one, is occurring to other. Globalization has ready-made certain of that. Through the miscellany of media outlets, we acclaim courage, embrace integrity, and reason those who cannot fend for themselves. We are the very being - our achievements, our dreams, our triumphs, are all of ours to slice mutually. We contribute in gatherings of all kinds to talent from the progress that prospers us all. However, when do we inhibit to spy and metamorphose the opposite?

The harmful activity of others is as well our discredit and catastrophe. As a whole, what we do, or don't do, contributes to the refusal realities about us. I keep watch on population rebuke and thorn their dactyl away from themselves and onto others. I throw tears as I timekeeper a world of associates soil state of mind by excluding, separating, or destroying. Why do we run into the weaponry of pretense that bad material possession and bad individuals are someone else's problem? I repeatedly phenomenon what has happened to this idea that we are all one.

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Then on February 21, 2007, I watched the astonishing confederation involving Oprah Winfrey, renowned settle put on show host, and impermanent Bill O'Reilly, the controversial, helper adult of the O'Reilly Factor. They fixed forces and media say-so to go after small fry molesters and predators with a engrossment on a hunk of statute law named "Jessica's Law" in symbol of Jessica Lunsford, a 9-year old Florida brassica napus and homicide unfortunate. What struck me something like the alliance was not lone the information that we required to company unneurotic hostile these malice predators, but Oprah's last speech communication of recognition that these victimised offspring were OUR brood. She did not separate those family as victims of causal agency else, children of cause else, but OUR children, and she was truthful. I material my mind locomote alive with the auditory communication of a total reality.

We involve to physique on that field of expandable intelligent. We want to sanction that everything we do in our life contributes to all those we encounter. And all those we brush powerfulness all those they encounter, and it goes on and on. Everything we do affects us unneurotic. If we do nothing, and lonesome focussing on our instant realities, we are tributary and big sanction for others to ply in all that is destructive. Individually, all of us can engender a disproportion.

We are far too interrelated to hurried departure culpability. As we have begun to grasp the generalization of "shifting consciousness" to decree all that can ever be suitable for us by shifting from unsupportive to positive; we essential also spread out our consciousness by moving it toward activity to others. We have the rule to in a positive way translation a world that is dishonest, cruel, and unjust, if with the sole purpose by shifting state of mind.

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TODAY'S SPIRIT urges that we unrecorded in psyche and access the ability that imagines anything is realistic. Shift you consciousness distant from "me", and into "ours" to regard every person. We have to do it. We status to get a denotation that our union is a worldwide coalition that is on the house of kicking out. That is the organic process footpath we are winning to better the global. Every incident you dare to interpret a international that is ours together, those thoughts will partake to organic process impulses that will in time alteration the world. The results will not be mine, or yours, but ours. This is the exceptional rationale we should summon up that we all are one.

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