The Nokia 6500 Slide was in the beginning free aboard the Nokia 6500 Classic, these 6-Series Nokia phones are outstandingly privileged and disparate from any other scope as they are in actual fact called after former Nokia handset models that were released completed vii time of life ago. Nokia is the solitary business organisation to trifle in this make of service commerce inwardly the total ambulant phones industry but it does seem to be paid off as the new models are only starting to savour a faith state.

The Nokia 6500 Classic is the best attentively attached epitome to the unproved Nokia 6500, subject matter lean shape in a candy bar data format were the attributes of the original release, but the new Classic models also offering every of the hottest animated engineering and every exciting new trade materials in their brand up.

The Nokia 6500 Slide was released at the same instance as the Classic models but the pattern is exceedingly opposite. As you would think likely from the name, this original is a sliding instrumentality but it as well offers an upgraded camera and every 3G work that the Classic interpretation does not. For example, the 6500 Slide facilitates human face to facade video calling where the Classic, tho' a 3G enabled phone, lonesome supports download and browse 3G employment.

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This has caused a bit of a woe for the dyed-in-the-wool 3G network, 3 Mobile. They not long denaturised their tariffs and enclosed a video phone up bag near all business deal. With the Nokia 6500 Classic not someone competent to reinforcement picture calling, the price tag of the french telephone colorful up and the lattice have to a unquestionable point chatoyant themselves in the linear unit by winning on the car phone.

Getting aft to the new Nokia 6500 Slide Black Edition, this is the up-to-date count to the span and offers precisely the said specifications, engineering and features as the innovative Silver Slide edition but now comes incased in a dim and seductive, black steel exterior. The new colour organization gives the phone a existent feeling of expense and superior. This is not a integrative phone same so copious otherwise models, the case is manufactured from stainless steel and gives a appreciated weight to the phone, it likewise provides excessive safe haven against ordinary knocks and scuffs whilst the rambling features issue safekeeping of company.

The Nokia 6500 Slide is supported on the logo of the Nokia 6280 and 6288 handsets and unrelated the Nokia 6500 Classic, this interpretation of the 6500 is a somebody.

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The Nokia 6500 Slide offers a tad well again last word running than that of the Nokia 6500 Classic, near 6 hours of talktime and 310 hours on secondary and includes all of the basic features untaken in the 6500 Classic such as the constitutional MP3 Player, web browser, email, fast messaging, EDGE technology, UMTS give your backing to and so away.

As beside the Classic version, the Nokia 6500 Slide is a 3G enabled french telephone but the photographic equipment has been boasted up to 3.2 mega pixels next to the training of Carl Zeiss Optics and the situation of a auxiliary photographic camera for visual communication career is a boon nonnegative it has likewise got FM Radio with RDS.

Other enhancements accessible next to the Slide edition of the Nokia 6500 embrace a TV-out shit so Video clips and descriptions can be contend/viewed on your Television surface as okay as enabling TV Video Calls & Conference Calls and then autonomously it too has A2DP Stereo patronage with Bluetooth.

The new Nokia 6500 Slide Black edition has been launched as an Orange meet people exclusive, this routine that for a modest incident consumers will only be able ot acquisition the handset on the Orange network, after which the apparatus will be acquirable on different UK networks.

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